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Case Shells in Stock Ready to Line

Latest update: 3rd September 2013

Other items for sale:

• Carbon Fibre F Style Mandolin Case
Available for Sale by Pegasus Cases
26th June 2013

Offered for sale here is the third Carbon Fibre reinforced F Style mandolin case. The shells are hand-laid in California and have been lined here in Scotland with the last of our Slate clothing velvet.

The case will work perfectly well with F4, F5 and other standard F Style and A Style specification mandolins.

The body of the instrument is suspended in the Pegasus patented third moulding which conforms to the back of the F Style body, providing an extremely strong box section around that area.

The neck is held in position through two upholstered styrofoam guides and the headstock lies gently on an upholstered antiwhiplash platform which provides useful stowage for strings etc.

The case weighs 8lbs 4oz and will cost GBP UK £650 plus shipping. Typical post & packaging to North America is GBP UK £100

The shop telephone number here is 01887 829 201 (0 11 44 1887 829 201 dialed from N America).

There's a spam catcher on the email address - reply to the email that arrives and hit "send".


• Anderson Double Mandolin Case
- North America only

3rd Sept 2013

Offered for sale here is this excellent double mandolin case built by Rob Anderson.

Mandolin Cafe thread 1
Mandolin Cafe Thread 2

The case is currently in storage in Nashville, ready to ship. It accommodates both standard A and F Style mandolins and is built using ply and crushed velvet upholstery.

The price is $600 / £400 plus approximately $30 shipping, Two-day ground.

Please contact Sam Gifford on the Pegasus Cases email for more information.


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