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Pegasus Steel String Guitar Cases

Model Four | Millie Two | NT Case | Parlour

There are several different models of Pegasus guitar cases that suit different sizes of steel string guitars.

The largest is the Model Four, a fully arched shaped guitar case which suits guitars up to a little larger than seventeen inches across the lower bout. The Model Four case pictured here features a special lining that suits the 10-string classical guitar in it, and a Small Dog case cover specific for the case.

The standard Model Four also features the under-headstock platform which helps prevent nut breakage due to whiplash:

steel3.jpg - 19Kb The next model case is the Millie Two, a case dedicated to the guitars in the general area of the Martin D-series. The design was based on a pre-war Martin guitar case supplied by a customer in the US. It has a half-inch of padding around the guitar, and features the anti-whiplash platform under the headstock and all the other standard Pegasus features.

The photo on the right compares the Millie Two to other cases available (Mille Two on left).

Another model is the NT Case, suiting guitars up to fifteen inches. This case is excellent for the 00 series of guitars and features all the standard aspects of all Pegasus cases. The case below is lined with a Taylor tartan and is specific for a 00-45 guitar:

The final case model in the Pegasus range suits the very small parlour type of guitars currently built by luthiers. The one below features a replica late-18thC CF Martin by K Yairi.




All steel string guitars require the use of templates supplied by the customer, unless they are D-style guitars.

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